What is 10kap?


Run 10km in fewer minutes than you are years old. Age and repeat. Nothing scientific about it, just a simple friendly challenge to take on for a lifetime.

Why 10kap?

As we get older as runners, it becomes harder and harder to find a meaningful challenge. Beat that PR that we ran in our 20s? Not happening. Run a sub-3 marathon? We’ve got a life. Go ultra? Yes, ultra slow…

So what do we run for? Or better: Who do we run for? For ourselves, right?. So why not run against ourselves? Against our own age. A 10kap is simply a little extra motivation to keep at it. Something to work for before our next birthday adds another minute to our clock time.


If you are younger, say 26, you might have realized that you would need to set a new World Record to get your 10kap/26. Relax, we are not expecting you to. Just set your own pace to your first 10kap. Maybe you can meet it in your thirties, maybe later. Doesn’t matter, just get into it as soon as you like, start building your streak, and stay with it for the rest of your life.

And by the way: 10kap races are a great opportunity for runners of all generations to get together, celebrate running and cross the finish line together united by a common goal.

How can I get my 10kap

Submit your time from a 10kap race, one of our 10kap destinations or any 10k race you have ever run. We will quickly verify your result and add it to your kap collection and 10kap streak.

Will I get a medal?


Nope. No medals. We call them Kaps and they are always personalized with your name and achievement. After running a 10kap race or submitting any 10kap result you can have them delivered to your home.

What if I can’t find a 10kap race?

Talk to your local race organizer. 10kap offers a free-of-cost license to host a 10kap race. For more information direct them to 10kap.org.


Find us on Facebook or drop us an email at runners@10kap.com.